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The Middle Section of Lakshmipat Sinhania Academy International stresses on learner-centred view of education. Through the years in this section the students acquire the skills and knowledge in a caring and secure environment. The CAIE Lower Secondary curriculum is followed in English, Mathematics and Science in Grades 6, 7 and 8. The curriculum engages the learners, encourages them to be innovative, creative and reflective. The learners emerge as confident and responsible individuals.


The other areas covered at this level are History, Geography, Global perspective, Visual Art, Physical education, Music and Movement, Computing, local language such as Hindi. In addition to English and the local regional languages, the students also have the option of language skills acquisition in certain Languages such as French and German.  At the end of the Middle School years, the students are able to speak, read, comprehend and write in the language of their choice.


Other than English, Mathematics and Science, in all other subjects the curricula are designed by the well trained and equipped faculty, headed by the Heads of the Departments. The syllabus covers the content and skills the students must be equipped with to meet the requirements of the IGCSE level.

Our Academics

Mandatory Subjects



Mathematics (0862)


(Physics, Chemistry, Biology)


Global Perspective


Social science

(History. Geography)

Second language

(Hindi, Bengali)


Optional Subjects

Third language (French, Germany)

Art and Design



Physical Education

Time Table

6 TULIP _ TIME TABLE 2023-24 


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